Exclusively Family Law & Estate Law

Practicing in Toronto for 25 years means we know the court system, we know family and estate law, and we know how decisions are made.

In a moment you’ll know why so many clients come to us for legal services.

Please read the personal message below from William Parker, our law firm’s founder.

I’m William Parker and I’m pleased and honored to welcome you to our firm.

Here are 7 reasons why so many clients hire us to be their lawyers – and why we hope you will, too:

  1. I’ve practiced law in Toronto for 25 years, so I’m familiar with how the judges decide cases.
  2. Our firm practices exclusively in the areas of Family Law, Estate Law, and Elder Law.
  3. Our firm provides the full range of services in each of those practice areas.
  4. Our firm is small so we get to know you personally and we know how hard it is to face some legal issues.
  5. Our firm is dedicated to educating the public. That’s why we’ve put so many fact-filled articles on this website.
  6. Our firm is committed to personal service. Please read What Our Clients Say on this website.
  7. Our lawyers have taken extensive training so they can provide you with the highest level of knowledge and expertise.

You’re invited to contact our office for a consultation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss your legal problem with you.

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What We Do

Family Law

We bring over 40 years of combined experience and knowledge in Family Law. We often help Clients plan with the use of Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts.

Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation often involves considerable family turmoil, with a background of complex and often misunderstood laws. It can be ugly and emotionally charged. Our lawyers know how to approach these matters and can help you get through times with kindness and compassion, doing their best to bring the process to a quick, satisfactory conclusion.

Wills & Estates

We frequently guide Clients in the planning, preparation and execution of various types of Wills and Trusts. Our lawyers also help Clients plan and implement a multitude of other services related to Estates, Elder Law, Incapacity and Estate Administration.

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Who We Are and Who We Serve

Parker & Company is a law firm of experienced, knowledgeable and trusted professionals, focusing exclusively in Family Law and Estate Law. Our Clients have diverse backgrounds. They include:

Firefighters • Peace Officers • Paramedics • Homemakers • Television Producers • Professional Athletes • Business Owners • Management Consultants • Bankers • Investment Professionals • Lawyers • Doctors • Dentists • Teachers • Principals • College and University Professors • Judges • Many More

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