Mediation & Arbitration

Family and Estate Mediation is a confidential dispute resolution process aimed at helping couples and families resolve legal issues. When we act as Mediators, we act as impartial third parties to help facilitate resolutions. As an Arbitrator, William Parker will make decisions when parties cannot.

As Mediators, we provide general information to help those involved appreciate concerns, in a safe and comfortable environment, remaining neutral in the process. We strive to appreciate each party’s goals, interests and needs, with a view to ensuring same are communicated and understood by all involved. We ensure disclosure of all important information to ensure that decisions are made, with the benefit of a full appreciation of the circumstances, and only after consideration of the various options for resolution. Most of all, our purpose is to help people arrive at their own, voluntary resolution that is, from the perspective of those involved, fair and reasonable, and outside of an otherwise adversarial judicial forum.

A successfully mediated resolution often results in a resolution that parties adhere to and is often less expensive than more traditional options.

Failing a resolution at through the mediation or litigation processes, it is sometimes necessary to have a decision made. With Arbitration, parties can determine the procedure to be followed, and as such, the Arbitration process is typically less formal, more efficient, and therefore less costly, then the litigation process.

For more information, and to start the Mediation or Arbitration process in a Family Law or Estate related matter, please contact Mr. Parker’s assistant at 416-322-3370 ext 230.

Recent Engagements

Mr. Parker met with co-Estate Trustees. They could not agree on certain aspects of the administration of their mother’s estate. Rather than warring in litigation and seeking the removal of both or one of them, they explored options with Mr. Parker, discussed various alternative courses of actions in the context of their fiduciary duties and reached an accord and proceeded with the administration. This was a much better result at one three hour conference than months of litigation and thousands of dollars in costs.

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