Collaborative Family Law

The Collaborative Family Law Process is an out-of-court process for helping couples resolve disputes relating to a separation and/or a divorce. As Collaborative Family Law Lawyers, we advocate for our client in a process designed to be focused on constructive problem-solving in an efficient, less adversarial atmosphere.

The Collaborative Family Law Process involves you directly at most every step, with most all communications taking place in your presence and the presence of your spouse, with specially trained and experienced family law counsel.

All of those involved commit themselves to the Collaborative Family Law Process by agreeing not to proceed with other processes, such as litigation or arbitration, with the same counsel. Acting as your Collaborative Family Lawyer, we commit to helping you obtain an acceptable resolution without resorting to litigation.

The Collaborative Family Process is a more personal and direct approach to resolving disputes. Where necessary and agreed by all, the process involves parenting professionals and financial experts to help inform decisions and achieve fair, workable resolutions that all of those involved in the context family.

As your Collaborative Family Law Lawyer, we act as your lawyer in a solicitor and client relationship which includes coaching, education and reality testing.  We will prepare you for your negotiations.  We will review your goals with you, brainstorm with you and strive to appreciate your concerns, fears and values.  We will help you understand the necessary disclosure to be obtained and to appreciate the items to be resolved.  We will help you create “to do” lists and set timelines for achieving the steps necessary to put you in an environment where you have your concerns heard.  We will work towards solutions that prioritize your interests and address divergent interests.

In the Collaborative Family Law Process, we take co-responsibility with other members of the Team.  As your Collaborative Family Law Lawyer, we will be with you at all meetings and through all negotiations and we will work together to ensure that all of the necessary documents are collected and reviewed and that a range of options, consistent with both your goals and interests are generated, explored and considered. We will, along with the Team act as facilitators, similar to a mediator.

You can achieve great results in the Collaborative Family Law process.  It is not for everyone though.  Collaborative Family law is for those that are free of fear and those that can commit time and patience to the resolution process.  It is for those that are open to listen and understand the views of all involved, even though you may not agree with those views. It is also for those that are willing to commit to providing full and honest disclosure.

As your Collaborative Family Law Lawyers, we will be curious and we mine below positions to explore the real concerns and address them.  This deeper inquiry can help understanding and provide you with appreciation of real interests.  It helps with reality testing of options and more often leads to agreements which are respected in the future.

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