Hanna Kofman

Hanna obtained her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Toronto, receiving distinction standing in her second year.

Hanna was awarded the James Jefferson Prize in Health and the Judy LaMarsh Prize in Feminist Analysis of Law in her final year of law school.  Prior to attending law school, Ms. Kofman obtained a Bachelor of Arts (with High Distinction) from the University of Toronto in English and cinema studies.  Hanna has a strong passion for family law.  While in law school, Ms. Kofman gained exposure to family law matters as a volunteer with the Barbra Schlifer Clinic and Pro Bono Students Canada’s Family Law Project. In her third year of law school, Ms. Kofman acted as coordinator for Pro Bono Students Canada’s Family Project, facilitating the provision of legal services to unrepresented litigants in family courts throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Example Cases
  • His dad died. His “step mother” didn’t tell him or invite him to the funeral. When he found out, he confronted his “step mother”. They argued. She told him that his dad left everything to her in his will. He hired Mr. Parker. They challenged the validity of the will and he received hundreds of thousands of dollars, almost one-half of his dad’s estate.
  • He left her. She asked for support. When it wasn’t forthcoming in a reasonable manner, she commenced proceedings. He defended. He swore he earned approximately $60,000 per year. Little happened. She changed lawyers. Mr. Parker obtained an Order that he obtain a proper income report and a valuation of his business. He didn’t deliver any report as ordered. They brought a Motion for interim support, seeking a finding of income of more than ten times the husband’s sworn statement on which to base child and spousal support. An income report was eventually produced. The husband then took the position his income for support purposes was $200,000. They continued and argued. The Court found the husband’s income to be $557,000, and ordered the resulting support for the parties’ children and the wife.

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