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15 Things NOT To Do When Your Spouse Says Your Relationship is Over

1. Don’t leave your home if you have child(ren);
2. Don’t involve your child(ren) in discussions;
3. Don’t fail to emotionally and financially support your child(ren);
4. Don’t say or even suggest anything negative about your spouse to your child(ren) or when your children are within an ear-shot of you;
5. Don’t change your parenting style and habits;
6. Don’t refuse to meet with a therapist;
7. Don’t throw out your financial documents;
8. Don’t delete electronic documentation;
9. Don’t fail to shut down social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter);
10. Don’t fail to revoke a Power of Attorney for Property;
11. Don’t fail to close or manage joint bank accounts, credit lines or supplementary credit cards;
12. Don’t sign over any assets to your spouse without legal advice;
13. Don’t take over any debts belonging to your spouse without legal advice;
14. Don’t sign any legal documentation without legal advice; or
15. Don’t think you can handle it alone.

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